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Who are place matters

We are a partnership of experienced place-based change makers who are working together through a charitable venture.  Our purpose is to establish a coalition of practitioners who learn together and share their knowhow openly and generously with others to build the quality of UK place-based change practice.  


Place Matters is a backbone organisation whose role is to convene practitioners through communities of practice, learning events and to enable help capture and share knowhow, so practitioners can build on the shoulders of others more readily.  We will work with those starting on the journey of change through our incubator programme and support those already delivering change through peer-led communities of practice.  We will capture learning and make it accessible through learning events and our online platform. 


We will work with funders and commissioners to share the collective knowledge and evidence of impact of practitioners to build support.  

Join our community of place-based change makers to take part in the programme of learning events, receive information about the knowledge and insight we create and share and to be part of a network of people committed to delivering community-led change.

our partners


Dame Julia


place incubator

Launching place-based programmes

The Incubator programme delivers intensive action based learning to multi-sector teams starting the process of delivering place-based change. 


It will support teams to plan their journey of change, building consensus around how they will tackle the change together and developing shared ways of working to enable effective collaboration. 

communities of practice

Peer-based learning programmes

Communities of practice are peer individuals and groups going through a similar journey of change. 

They will share their journey to both inform and support each other, working with experienced learning partners to help embed learning to improve impact.  

We will also create communities of practitioners from people and organisations with specific roles and expertise e.g. funders, learning partners.



Workshops and webinars on key topics

We will hold workshops with practitioners seeking to focus on specific aspects of practice, drawing on UK and international expertise and hold general webinars for practitioners to access. 


Please join our community to receive notifications of events.

See events below for scheduled events


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