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Place Matters is a partnership committed to accelerating the impact of place-based change through learning.  



Through our work and the work of our partners we gather and share experience and learning of those working to achieve place-based change.  We share that knowledge through this platform and through the learning events we hold throughout the year.  Please join our learning community   

News Flash

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We are delighted to announce that Place Matters is one of the first recipients of the National Lottery Community Fund's new UK Fund.  We have been awarded £700,000 over 5 years.

Place Matters Chair Dame Julia Cleverdon said

"Thanks to National Lottery players this significant grant means that Place Matters will be able to support many more of the most disadvantaged communities across the UK in their efforts to create thriving places. This funding will enable us to develop the skills within communities to drive change, create networks of support to accelerate progress in places and join the voices of communities across the UK to influence wider change.  For decades we have seen growing inequality within and between our communities and this funding will help put power into the hands of those with a long-term commitment to local change."

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access our previous webinar recording 

Beyond Collaboration

Webinar recording

How data shapes our understanding of racial justice

Webinar recording

Addressing food insecurity in Dundee

How we bring back nature to where people live through community power?

Webinar recording

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place incubator

Launching place-based programmes

The Incubator programme delivers intensive action based learning to multi-sector teams starting the process of delivering place-based change. 


It will support teams to plan their journey of change, building consensus around how they will tackle the change together and developing shared ways of working to enable effective collaboration. 

communities of practice

Peer-based learning programmes

Communities of practice are peer individuals and groups going through a similar journey of change. 

They will share their journey to both inform and support each other, working with experienced learning partners to help embed learning to improve impact.  

We will also create communities of practitioners from people and organisations with specific roles and expertise e.g. funders, learning partners.



Workshops and webinars on key topics

We will hold workshops with practitioners seeking to focus on specific aspects of practice, drawing on UK and international expertise and hold general webinars for practitioners to access. 


Please join our community to receive notifications of events.

See events below for scheduled events


About us

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We are a partnership of organisations who deliver and enable place-based change.  We have come together with a shared commitment to use our experience and knowhow to accelerating the practice and impact of change led by and with communities.

Our ambition is to build the practice of place-based working so all communities that experience inequality of opportunity caused by entrenched and complex issues can access the help they need to make change happen. 

​Join our community of place-based change makers to take part in the programme of learning events, receive information about the knowledge and insight we create and share and to be part of a network of people committed to delivering community-led change.

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Thanks for getting in touch!


“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”


Albert Einstein



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Rank Foundation Spring Newsletter

Read the article we wrote with Liz Weaver from the Tamarack Institute about reducing poverty through place-based change in Canada and learnings for the UK. 

More than Infrastructure

Read the Place Matters 2021 report on how to enable place based working. 

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New Local make a compelling case for transferring power into the hands of our communities.

A challenging critique by ICS on involving communities in Levelling up

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Jennie Winhall and Charles Leadbetter provide some great tools for designing better systems

A great article from our partners Tamarack on the role of Field Catalysts.  

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A masterclass in how to tell a story about a place

Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 16.57.17.png
Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 16.53.55.png

Tamarack Institute's extraordinary story about how they contributed to tackling poverty in Canada 

Dartington Service Design Lab reflect on the integration of forms of evidence to create a better platform for learning

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Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 15.37.26.png

Key reflections from one of UK's leading funders of place-based work on their learning

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Reflections from Power to Change on how to build thriving community businesses in places. 

Sport England have recently funded innovative place-based work through local delivery pilots and this is a really insightful reflection on the learning 

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A comprehensive guide to building sustainable place-based collaborations with plenty of examples

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